Your Wedding - creating your ceremony with care
Your Wedding
Creating your Ceremony with Care

~ Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts 
(William Shakespeare, 1564–1616)

Your wedding ceremony is the heart of your celebration – where you express your love and commitment to each other and what that will mean in your marriage and your future life together – it is where the magic happens!

It is your ceremony – your choices, your wishes and your preferences will define the ceremony that we create together.

I bring knowledge, experience and ideas to help you achieve a personal and memorable marriage ceremony – whether you are planning:

a big formal event
a small intimate ceremony at home
a casual outdoor wedding (remember your contingency plan in case of bad weather!)
 an elopement (just you and your beloved, and two witnesses)

I would be glad to meet with you to discuss your ideas and to start the legal requirements – you do not need a marriage licence in Australia but you will need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage

“Christine we just wanted to thank you for the wonderful ceremony you planned for us, everything was exactly as we had imagined.  From the words you spoke to the wonderful ideas you shared. It was our perfect day, thank you so much” ~ Cody & Bethany

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♥  what will your ceremony be like?
♥  what you and I need to do — who is responsible for what?
♥  what about legal marriage documents?
  what you can expect from me
  what about your relationship? 

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