what will your wedding ceremony be like?
What will your wedding ceremony be like?
 Creating your Ceremony with Care

 ~My true love hath my heart, and I have his (Sir Philip Sidney, 1554-1586)

  It is your wedding and your ceremony – you can have whatever you wish.  
  Apart from some official legal requirements to be met,
  the words and any special touches are your choice.  



You may want your wedding ceremony to:
be intimate (just the two of you and your witnesses) or in front of your immediate family only
♥  be celebrated with a large gathering of family and friends
be traditional, formal, or casual
  include a special theme or elements that reflect your cultural, religious or family backgrounds or your individual personalities and beliefs
 include words for the asking, the vows, and the exchange of rings written by you or chosen from resources I can share with you. 

"Christine was wonderful ... when we told her of our plans to marry ... she made it so special, and so very personalised, just for us.  She ... contributed many wonderful touches ... to make the day so easy and relaxed for all of us ... The children were very much a special part of the ceremony, and that was important to us.  Christine’s professionalism ... was exceptional, and her loving, caring personality through the lead-up to our day was so greatly appreciated." ~ Helen & Anthony Corns

When I meet with you, we will talk about the kind of ceremony you have in mind – where it will be, what the space will look like, the words, the music and the readings.
You might also like to include a special ritual or symbols, such as: 
 a candle ritual
 a hand-fasting ceremony
 a sand ritual
 a warming of the wedding rings
 a flower ceremony
 a loving cup (sharing of wine) ritual
objects or traditions which have special significance to you and your family.

When you engage me as your celebrant, I will give you an "inspiration starter"– a resource kit including sample readings, a comprehensive selection of optional rituals and their significance, tips for choosing or writing your vows and other useful information.  

This is just the beginning – it is my job and my great delight to listen carefully to what you want, to find that special reading or craft that special ritual, and to create a personal ceremony just for you – together we will create magic!
Heartlift Ceremonies~Christine Cuskelly, Celebrant:       Ceremonies to lift your heart and spirit

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